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Affected by the camp fire?

A PG&E lawsuit may entitle you to compensation.

WJKA has investigated and brought cases against PG&E due to negligence. Our intention is to recover losses of residences of Butte County that have experienced extreme devastation. Contact WJKA to receive a free consultation today.

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Camp Fire Lawsuit to Recover Losses

Downed power-lines likely sparked the massive Camp Fire blaze. PG&E recorded and informed state regulators of an electrical incident relating to a major electrical transmission failure just minutes before the reported start of the Camp Fire. The Camp Fire has destroyed 125,000 acres, 6,522 residences and 260 commercial properties with an estimated 15,500 structures that are currently threatened. WJKA will represent the victims that have lost residences, commercial structures, and personal property or, who were injured in the fire. Contact WJKA to consult with a wildfire attorney about your options. You pay NO FEES or COSTS until adequate compensation is recovered for you.

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PG&E at fault for camp fire

PG&E has been determined to be at fault by Cal Fire and has filed a motion to set a deadline for pursing claims against them. To recover the loss of your property, medical bills, trauma and more, you need to file now.

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